“The City of Valletta, capital city of Malta, was officially declared European Capital of
Culture 2018 – this website is launched to commemorate the historic event.”

Welcome to this vast image bank, where new images are being introduced regularly. The main focus lays on the characteristics, beauty and the unique charm of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Gino Galea’s photography displays an exceptional level of balance between the simple, the aesthetic and the artistic.

From portrait commissions to extensive photographic depictions of the Maltese archipelago, his award-winning style captures the atmosphere of the scene to an unprecedented degree.

This is what transforms an image into a work of art.  Whether in high-quality print or on canvas, Gino Galea’s images are there to be cherished and enjoyed for posterity: they are moments captured for eternity.

Launched 1st January 2018

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